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16 April, 12:56

An apple is cut into slices. Half of the slices are sprayed with lemon juice. All slices are stored in a sealed plastic bag. After 4 days, they are observed to see how brown they turned.

What's the independent and dependent variable?

Answers (2)
  1. 16 April, 13:20
    Independent variable - lemon juice

    depedent variable: how brown they turned
  2. 16 April, 13:47
    Answer: Lemon juice - Independent variable

    Intensity of brown color color of apple - Dependent variable


    Independent variable can be defined as the factors which the experimenter can control and the the dependent variable depends on the independent variable.

    Here, the experiment is to test the effect of lemon juice on the color intensity of apple (basically the brown color).

    The color change is based on whether lemon juice is sprayed on the half part or not and it is kept for 4 days. The color change is then observed.

    Based on this the hypothesis is accepted or rejected.
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