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Organism with two different genes for a trait

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    Homozygous traits of gene


    A Trait in which the two sorts of the gene are same identity and have the same allele is known as homozygous traits of gene. Phenototypes (the communicated qualities) related to a specific allele can in some cases be predominant or latent, yet regularly they are not one or the other. A prevailing phenotype will be communicated when in any event one allele of its related kind is available, though a passive phenotype may be communicated when the two alleles are of its related sort. However, there are special cases in the manner in which heterozygotes communicate in the phenotype. One special case is inadequate strength (once in a while called mixing legacy) when alleles mix their qualities in the phenotype. Another special case is co-predominance, where the two alleles are dynamic and the two characteristics are communicated simultaneously; for instance, both red and white petals in a similar sprout or red and white flowers on a similar plant.
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