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6 November, 23:36

A cell that begins meiosis has 23 chromosomes inherited from the mother (shown in green in the cartoon below) and 23 chromosomes inherited from the father (shown in blue in the cartoon below). In the process of meiosis, chromosomes begin to match up in homologous pairs. How would you know if two chromosomes were homologous?

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  1. 7 November, 00:00
    Homologous chromosomes have same size, morphology, and have similar genetic constitution.


    The homologous chromosome is the pair of maternal and paternal chromosomes that share the same morphology. The homologous chromosomes are genetically similar since the alleles of a particular gene occupy the corresponding position on these chromosomes.

    Therefore, a specific locus of homologous chromosomes carries alleles of the same gene. The homologous chromosomes pair up during zygotene of prophase I and undergo crossing over followed by their segregation during anaphase-I.
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