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12 October, 01:19

Which of the following describes how livestock can impact water quality?

Water withdrawals add stress in areas with low supply.

Waste can seep into groundwater supplies.

Pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals can poison aquatic animals.

Soil particles or sediments can run off into water supplies and cloud water.

Answers (2)
  1. 12 October, 01:38
    The correct answer is the last statement.


    Overgrazing by livestock results in soil erosion, which eventually causes sediments to run-off and get transported into an adjacent water body. This results in water turbidity. Overgrazing removes the grasses, thus, exposing the top cover soil to water erosion and wind.

    The withdrawal of the ground cover can also enhance drying, thus damaging the organic matter, and hampering the soil composition, which makes soil erosion to occur easily. Thus, overgrazing can hamper the composition of the soil, diminishing infiltration, and enhancing run-off.
  2. 12 October, 03:01
    Answer: D


    D is the answer
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