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5 February, 13:43

A woman has filled her grocery cart with the following items:

pork shoulder, a head of iceberg lettuce, wheat bread, peanut butter, and apples.

From which of these items will the woman get the most essential amino acids?

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  1. 5 February, 15:08
    The woman can get the most essential amino acids from pork shoulder


    The building blocks of proteins are amino acids which are necessary for the repair and maintenance of the bodies muscles, bones, organs and blood. Meaning, when you eat foods with protein, you are also taking in amino acids. When the proteins you eat are broken down and digested in the body, what is left is the amino acids. The amino acids are then utilized by the body for different important functions, that includes digestion of food, repairing body tissues, promoting healthy growth, and other needs of the body. Moreover, amino acids can be used again in making proteins so that they can perform the aforementioned functions inside the body.

    One of the essential amino acid is Histidine which is found in highest concentration in different types of game meat. The top sources of histidine are deer, boar and antelope. Pork is also a good source, regardless of the way it is prepared. Chicken, turkey and kidney beans, fish like cod, pike, haddock and tuna are also sources of histidine.
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