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22 August, 21:37

Much fanfare was made about anthony's latest bonus in the office. he has always been a high performer. however, this year he received an extra-large bonus. his co-worker hannah got a little tired of hearing about anthony's bonus and decided that next year she would win some of the bonus money. which advantage of individual incentives does this illustrate?

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  1. 22 August, 22:43
    May motivate less productive employees to work harder.


    When an employee is recognised and rewarded for exceptional performance, apart from boosting the moral of the employee it also challenges other employees to perform better on their jobs.

    In this instance Anthony has been receiving bonuses for being a high perfomer. This time around he an extra large bonus for his performance.

    Because of this Hannah gets motivated to also perform better at her job so she can also get a bonus.
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