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29 March, 05:38

Consider the information about the economy of Pakistan. Note that the currency of Pakistan is the rupee. The government purchases: 3.503.50 trillions of rupees. Individuals consume: 8.108.10 trillions of rupees. Individuals save: 5.605.60 trillions of rupees. Businesses invest: 1.601.60 trillions of rupees. Foreigners spend: 0.510.51 trillions of Rupees to purchase Pakistani firms. Pakistan imports: 1.901.90 trillions of rupees. Pakistan exports: 1.361.36 trillions of rupees. Calculate Pakistan's GDP. Assume that the values are all current and no conversions need to be made.

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  1. 29 March, 07:26
    the gross domestic product or GDP would be 1.382,675 Rupees
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