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30 August, 23:51

Beth files a suit against Cruise Line, Inc. Cruise responds that it appears from the pleadings that the parties do not dispute the facts and the only question is how the law applies to those facts. Cruise can support this response with witnesses' sworn statements. Cruise should file with the court a. a motion to dismiss b. a summons. c. a motion for summary judgment d. a complaint

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  1. 31 August, 00:46
    The answer is C. A motion for summary judgment


    A motion for summary judgment in law is a situation where if party A sues party B and party B believes the case has no facts, it tells the court to rule that party A has no case because of the absence of facts.

    Party B files this motion in order that the case may not be brought before a jury or that the jury should rule in its favour. This is of course backed by facts and evidence from party B.

    So, in the question above, Cruise Line Inc. believes Beth has ignored the facts of the case and that they (Cruise Line Inc.) can prove it with sworn statements from witnesses, hence the need for filing a motion for summary judgement with the court will arise.
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