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7 June, 22:24

How many grams of lead (ii) chloride is produced if 13.87 g lead (ii) nitrate combines with excess hydrochloric acid to produce lead (ii) chloride and nitric acid?

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  1. 7 June, 22:30
    Answer: Pb (NO3) 2+2HCl=PbCl2+2HNO3 Step 2 Find # of moles of Pb 13.87g Pb (NO3) 2 x 1 mol/331.22=.041875 mol Pb (NO3) 2 Step 3 Use balanced equation to find weight of Pb (NO3) 2.041875mol Pb x 1 mol Cl2/1mol Pb x 70.90g/1 mol Cl2=2.9689g Cl2.041875 mol Pb x 207.2/1mol Pb=8.6765g Pb = 11.65g
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