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9 November, 03:22

Bethany has a fish tank at her house. She uses the following data table to keep track of the nitrate and phosphate levels in the tank.

Month Nitrates Phosphates

January 8.0 mg/L 0.010 mg/L

February 8.1 mg/L 0.010 mg/L

March 7.9 mg/L 0.009 mg/L

April 9.2 mg/L 0.012 mg/L

May 9.7 mg/L 0.020 mg/L

June 9.9 mg/L 0.029 mg/L

July 10.6 mg/L 0.032 mg/L

August 10.8 mg/L 0.038 mg/L

September 11.0 mg/L 0.036 mg/L

Bethany notices that the fish tank is gradually filling with algae. Based on the data she has collected, when did the problem most likely start? Explain.

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  1. 9 November, 04:52
    sudden increase of Nitrate and Phosphate in March to April that occurred, it causes the fish tank to produce algae
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