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13 December, 08:12

In order to break down a polymer, enzymes must add water to break the bonds between the monomers. During this process, a hydrogen from the wter is added to one of the monomers and a hydroxyl from the water molecule is added to th eother monomer, causing the bonds between the monomers to break. What is this process called?

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  1. 13 December, 08:47
    Answer: Hydrolysis


    The hydrolysis is the term which is used to explain the organic chemical properties and the various types of reactions and the hydrolysis reaction is using both the chemical and the biology based application.

    The hydrolysis reaction is basically used water with the chemical reaction with the addition of the molecules.

    According to the given question, the above given example of breaking down of polymer and water is used by the enzymes for the purpose of breaking the bonds then this process is known as the hydrolysis process.

    Therefore, Hydrolysis is the correct answer.
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