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25 December, 01:05

How are Crane's "A Man Said to the Universe" and Dunbar's "We Wear the Mask" different?

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  1. 25 December, 02:02
    Crane’s poem suggests that each person is unique; Dunbar’s poem suggests that all people hide their emotions equally.
  2. 25 December, 02:42
    1. Which best describes a theme of "A Man Said to the Universe"?

    Societal forces play a major role in forming an individual.

    Individuals should accept their circumstances.

    The universe is indifferent to human concerns.

    Science is more powerful than human behavior. 2. In "We Wear the Mask," which message is conveyed by Dunbar’s repetition of the phrase "We wear the mask"?

    that questioning others’ motives is brave

    that sympathy toward others creates deceit

    that fears about torture lead to secretive actions

    that false appearances are pervasive in societ 1 is D and 2 is C Which is one thematic similarity between "A Man Said to the Universe" and "Sympathy"?

    Both present an individual who fears his environment.

    Both present an individual trying to prove his existence.

    Both present an individual who is injured and damaged.

    Both present an individual challenging an external force. its C
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