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2 April, 13:22

Here is a passage that a writer is quoting. Where should quotation marks be placed?

The two sisters walked together along the trail, swinging their arms and laughing. In the oak trees, the robins sang.

The light wind began to quicken. Leaves swirled in the air; acorns rolled on the ground.

The sisters laughed. One of the sisters pulled her hair into a ponytail to keep it from blowing in her eyes. The other let her hair blow wild, swirling like the leaves in the wind.

A. at the beginning of each paragraph only

B. at the beginning of each paragraph and at the end of the last paragraph

C. at the beginning and end of each paragraph

D. at the beginning of the first paragraph and the end of the second

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  1. 2 April, 14:49
    I think the answer is c
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