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13 June, 14:11

5 My parents took me to a hearing specialist. The diagnosis was pretty straightforward: In both ears, I'd lost some hearing at one range and a lot of hearing at another. The constant ringing was connected to the hearing loss. Of course I asked the doctor, "So what can you do about it?" Her response-"The hearing loss is irreversible"-wasn't the answer I was expecting.

Use this dictionary entry to answer the question.

ist - (suffix) : one who is devoted to something [Latin]

What is the meaning of the word specialist in paragraph 5 of the passage?

a. a person who researches common diseases

b. a person who is an authority on a specific subject

c. a place where doctors study medicine

d. a place where people are treated for serious injuries

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  1. 13 June, 16:06
    The answer should the letter d
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