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23 December, 08:11

A psychologist is working with a child who is disruptive in the classroom. The psychologist interviews the child's teacher to learn more about the disruptive behavior and the events that immediately precede and follow the behavior. Which method of conducting a functional assessment is the psychologist using?

A) experimental manipulationsB) indirect methodsC) direct observationD) ABC observation

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  1. 23 December, 09:45
    The correct answer is B. Indirect methods.


    A functional evaluation method is a methodical way to understand the behavior of a person in a given environment and to be able to interpret why they behave like this. Within the functional evaluation methods there is a subcategory in which the researcher interviews a secondary actor who has direct contact with the subject being studied. This means the researcher studies the subject indirectly. According to the example in the question, the teacher would be that intermediate actor that serves the psychologist to evaluate the student's behavior. Therefore, the correct answer is B. Indirect methods.
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