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3 February, 21:16

The athlete goal is to win medal at all of her competition

this season.

Rewrite the sentence. Make each bold word either plural to show there is more

than one or possessive to show ownership.

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  1. 3 February, 21:47
    Answer and Explanation:

    For the sentence to make perfect sense, we must add a possessive and a couple of plurals. Notice that, if you read it out loud the way it is originally written, it sounds off.

    Let's begin by asking: who has the goals? The athlete. Therefore, we need to add 's to "athlete" to show ownership.

    What is the athlete's goal? To win medal or to win medals? Since there is no indefinite article before "medal", we must make it plural. The same goes for the word "competition". Let's see what the sentence has become:

    The athlete's goal is to win medals at all of her competitions this season.
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