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Research france

•food and drink


•festivals and traditions

•family life

•places of interest/tourist attractions

•education/school life

•key historical events



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  1. 23 July, 18:05
    Some traditional French dishes include Soupe à l'oignon, Gratin Dauphinois, and Bouillabaisse. Geography has mainly flat plains or gently rolling hills in the north and west and mountainous in the the south and east. For two weeks every spring, oranges and lemons take over Menton, the Cité des Citrons (City of Lemons). There is a festival for Menton called The Menton Lemon Festival. The commonly known Eiffel tower is an attraction in France but there are others like The Louvre Museum, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, and The Arc de Triomphe. In France the school education is compulsory for children aged between six and sixteen; this obligation covers both the elementary and for the first four years of secondary education. Key historical events such as French Revolution ending rule of monarchy. World War I had massive casualties in trenches in north-east France. World War II occurred and Germany ended up occupying much of France. Industries include Machinery, Chemical, Automobiles like the Citroën, Puegeot, and Renault company, and Tourism.
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