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29 January, 13:20

The final preparation of Joshua and Israel to conquer Canaan included what four significant events?

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  1. 29 January, 13:57
    1. God's charge to Joshua

    2. The reconnaissance of Jericho

    3. The crossing of the Jordan

    4. A spiritual renewal at Gilgal


    The land God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the nation Israel was near; and Joshua had been chosen and commissioned to lead Israel in their conquest of Canaan.

    The armies of Canaan were strong; they were experienced in war and well equipped. The Canaanites had iron chariots (Joshua 17:18) and fortified cities (Numbers 13:28).

    In His final preparation of Joshua and Israel for their conquest of Canaan, God put Joshua in charge to cross the Jordan (1:2), to conquer the land (1:3-5), and to divide the inheritance (1:6). In Joshua 1:8, the Lord exhorted Joshua that prosperity and success were dependent upon the careful meditation in and obedience to His Book of the Law-all that was written therein. In Joshua 1:9, God encouraged Joshua to be strong, courageous, and fearless because Yahweh his God was with him at all times and in every place - "wherever you go." In immediate response to God's charge, Joshua instructed Israel to prepare to entry into and take possession of the land.
  2. 29 January, 14:52
    I'd say the walls of Jericho falling is one significant event based on my basic Bible knowledge
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