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28 March, 21:17

How did the transportation revolution affect migration patterns in the United States?

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  1. 28 March, 22:42
    A chain of paths, waterways, and railways was built.


    The National Road that was built for moving faster. Paths were costly to develop and sustain, so people appeared up with the plan to construct canals. Stream travel has several benefits over carriage and horse driving, remarkable examples were that the trip was a lot quieter, and explorers could store their goods on barfs if they were traveling downstream. The Erie Canal, onward with other canals, executed it a lot inexpensive to carry goods. At first, engines were towed by horses until the first steam-powered engine began running. The opening of railroads supported for grain livestock, and farm goods to flow straight from the Midwest to East. The railroads further created the four time zones, because of the required time affinity for areas in railroad moving.
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