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23 January, 22:03

Day and night controlled life in different ways. How did the Psalmist view the difference between lions and people?

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  1. 23 January, 23:35
    Psalmist views that men have been bestowed the right to rule all animals and plants of the Earth.


    Psalmist establishes that animals are higher and more intelligent than plants but are lower than humans. Among the animals, beasts such as lions are the most powerful and every other animals tremble before them. However, the lions' dominance ends when it meets humans. No matter how ferocious lions are, humans have the intellect and the capability to subdue even the most fearful beast of the animal kingdom. Psalmist says that humans have the authority to kill the lions if the situation arises or if it is compelling. It simply establishes that men have the right to rule over the animals and plants of the earth which has been bestowed by God. At the same, Psalmist also says that humans must take care of the environment and all the plants and animal in it. Therefore, it is the duty of a human to consider the welfare of the plants and animals of the earth.
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