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22 July, 22:24

What was a goal of the industrial workers of the world in 1905

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  1. 22 July, 23:27
    IWW led by Big Bill Haywood was interested in unionizing significant portions of the workforce.

    Explanation: The labor movement became a powerful voice for laborers in the Gilded and Progressive eras.
  2. 22 July, 23:59
    The industrial workers of the world (IWW) was a labour union founded in 1905. Its goal was to organise all of the workers into single union for abolishing the capitalist system. IWW focused on the unskilled workers and made efforts for organising the groups that were overlooked and ignored by other unions such as women, immigrants and African - Americans. It was at its height and strongest in the 1910's, mostly popular among the Finns and Italians. Its symbol was black cat and all its members were given a red membership card, they were called Wobbles.
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