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16 April, 07:15

Which principle states that laws apply to all people equally? Common law Rule of law Transparency Civil law

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  1. 16 April, 08:32
    "Rule of law" principle states that laws apply to all people equally.

    Answer: Option B


    The power and law authority at society particularly when knew as a control on institutional and on individual behavior. It is the fundamental by which all social members even the one involve in government are understood as equally targeted to publicly disclosed legal codes and phenomenon.

    The credit for viral of the expression "the rule of law" in modern times is tagged to A. V. Dicey as the growth of the legal concept can be acquired through history to many ancient civilizations covering the ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia and India.
  2. 16 April, 08:35
    yea its rule of law I took the test and got it right
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