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28 January, 12:49

After the War of 1812 Americans: Select one: a. believed that they would never be able to beat European nations in battle. b. recognized that the democratic experiment had succeeded. c. recognized that they would have been more successful if they had a king. d. believed that their economy was going to continue to weaken.

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  1. 28 January, 13:28
    The correct answer is b) recognized that the democratic experiment had succeeded. The Americans were generally happy with the defeats they made against the British and this definitely boosted the morale of the Americans. They were keen to continue progressing and settling (especially on the Western frontier). Still to this day, it is regarded as a time period when the Americans and the Canadians as well got what they wanted and the British see it as a secondary defeat and less importantly, as they were more focused on what was going on at home (in Britain).
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