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26 January, 02:21

Mula sa naunang binasa (Dalawang Ama, Tunay na Magkaiba) hanggang sa huling tinalakay, ano ang mapapansing kakulangan ng mga mamamayan ng Albanya noong sakupin sila ng kampo ni Adolfo?

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  1. 26 January, 03:05
    Translated from Filipino language:

    "From the previous read (Two Fathers, Very Different) to the last discussion, what can be said of the lack of people of Albania when they were captured by Adolfo's camp?".


    The people inside the region are very rich in culture as the have a very strong language and different norms of the society makes it even more attractive in nature, as the Germans occupied the region in the world war and it happened to be very badly for most of the people inside the region. As, there were great hardships faced by the people inside the Adolfo's camp but they resisted and went on to acquire a more free country for themselves.
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