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14 April, 15:24

Specify the concept to which the below features relate:

1) the way of anti-war movement;

2) movement members stand against any war, regardless of its nature;

3) movement adherents take the position of moral condemnation of any armed struggle;

4) translated from Latin: conciliating.

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  1. 14 April, 15:45
    Pacifism (from Latin pax - peace and facio - I do) is an ideology of negation and resistance to violence for its disappearance. The pacifist movement, the movement for peace, is an anti-war social movement that resist military methods of political conflicts resolution, including severe condemning the immorality of such methods.

    The movement closely merges with anti-militarist and anti-war movements.

    The pacifists condemn any war, denying the possibility of wars to be legitimate, liberating from occupation, sacred, etc.
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