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21 February, 08:04

Why do you think mussolini failed to maintain power in Italy?

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  1. 21 February, 08:57
    Mussolini had come to power in Italy because Italy had weaknesses and fears that he exploited. But he led the country in directions that were disastrous, and lost the support of his own government, the police, and the people of Italy.

    Mussolini promoted fascism as a way of rebuilding national strength in Italy after World War I, and as a way to rid the country of the threat of communist revolution. But his use of violence to achieve his ends showed his disregard for people. His pursuance of an alliance with Hitler and Germany dragged Italy deep into a war that they couldn't win. In 1943, the Grand Council of his government voted him out of power. Shortly afterward, he was arrested by the Italian police, who already had been plotting their own ways to remove Mussolini from power.

    Italy then changed sides in the war and joined the Allies. Hitler had Mussolini rescued from prison and installed as leader of a smaller state in northern Italy. Eventually, Mussolini was captured by Italian anti-fascist forces and was executed. The people of Italy had turned against him.
  2. 21 February, 09:06
    Mussolini was a very known fascist leader in Italy during the World War II. The people of the country actually agreed to his views but later on, he kept siding Adolf Hitler and wanted to go to war with Germany knowing that the Italy is not capable enough in terms of materials and men. It leads to the crash of economy that made him the most hated man in Italy.
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