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18 July, 20:24

The Neolithic age marks the beginning of metallurgy

True or false

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  1. 18 July, 20:40


    Metallurgy involves using metals like Iron or copper, which were not used during the stone age or Neolithic age.
  2. 18 July, 20:44
    The given statement is False.


    Neolithic age was the age of agriculture. Metallurgy was introduced to mankind during Iron Age. Neolithic period was the last and final stage of Stone Age. Cereal farming and animal taming were the two main occupations of Neolithic age.

    Pottery was also considered to be their primary occupation in Neolithic age. Discovery of stone tools enabled the Neolithic people engage themselves in hunting.

    Towards the end of Neolithic era, copper and other precious metals were discovered and hence it was called the Bronze Age. Bronze is the amalgam of two metals; copper and tin with which durable armaments can be manufactured.
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