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15 December, 08:23

A laboratory culture contains 150 bacteria. After twenty minutes, the culture contains 300 bacteria. After one hour, the culture contains 1200 bacteria. Make a conjecture about the rate at which the bacteria grow.

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  1. 15 December, 08:29
    This type of situation applies first order type of equation. In this case, the equation is ln (A0/A1) = kt. A is the number of bacteria cultured. A0 is equal to 150. when A1 is 300, t is 20 minutes. that is ln (150/300) = k * 20 the other condition is represented by ln (A0/1200) = 60k. k is equal to - 0.0347. hence the first order equation is equal to ln (150/A1) = - 0.0347 t
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