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2 February, 17:27

Jay is letting her bread dough rise. After three hours, her bread dough is / dfrac{11}{5} 5 11 start fraction, 11, divided by, 5, end fraction of its original size. What percent of its original size is Jay's bread dough?

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  1. 2 February, 17:57
    Answer: Jay's bread dough is now two hundred and twenty percent (220%) of its original size.

    Step-by-step explanation: In a case of measurement by percentage, (which can also be expressed as fractions or decimals) the change in measurement which can either be an increase or a decrease is calculated in relation to one hundred. What this means is that if a quantity is increased by x proportion, then the percentage increase shall be a portion of the original in relation to 100. Hence, if 50 increases by 20, the increment shall be 20 divided by 50 times 100, where 50 is the original quantity.

    In this question, Jay's bread dough has risen up to 11/5 (or 2 1/5) of the original size. This means the original size which was not indicated, will be represented by 1. Therefore what we have is;

    Original size = 1

    Increment = 2 1/5

    The percentage increment can be expressed as follows;

    Original size = 1 * 100

    Increment = 2 1/5 * 100

    Increment = 11/5 * 100

    Increment = 1100/5

    Increment = 220

    Therefore, the results show that the bread dough has risen by 220% of its original size
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