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21 April, 19:55

What is 17,210,000,000 written in scientific notation?

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  1. 21 April, 21:17
    17,210,000,000 in scientific notation is: 1.7210*10^5
  2. 21 April, 21:40
    Scientific notation is the practice of writing numbers using a base of ten exponent. It is very simple to convert numbers to scientific notation by counting how many times you will move the decimal from right to left or left to right. In this problem we have 17,210,000,000, because it is a whole number we will move the decimal from the right to the left. The decimal must land between the first and second number. Starting at the end of the number and moving left the decimal will move 10 times. You will rewrite the beginning of the number as 1.7210, because the decimal moved ten times the exponent of ten will be ten. Your final answer will be 1.7210 x 10^10.
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