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23 July, 09:52

A sports car and a minivan run out of gas and are pushed to the side of the road. which is easier to push, and why?

Answers (2)
  1. 23 July, 11:41
    Answer : One with less mass weight (sports car)

    Explanation : Generally, the car with lower mass will be easy to push.

    Here, in the given example one can assume the sports car to be weighing less than that of minivan, then it will be definitely easy to push when both run out of gas.

    From the force definition, force is equals to product of mass and acceleration. Therefore, lower the mass less force has to be applied to push, as force is directly proportional to the mass of the object.

    F = m a; where F - Force; m - mass; and a - acceleration.
  2. 23 July, 11:45
    We don't get much info but I'm assuming the sports car since they usually are lighter than minivans. Less force is needed for the sports car to be pushed to the side of the road, compared to the minivan.
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