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21 July, 08:53

How did genghis khan run his miltary

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  1. 21 July, 10:31
    Genghis Khan run his military through hard discipline.


    Genghis Khan - He is a very popular Mongol Leader who was able to established a vast empire in history. His success was based on his handling of the military and how he bred loyalty among them. Thus, they were able to conquer nearly all of the continental Asia, parts of Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East.

    Genghis Khan run his military through hard discipline in the following ways:

    The military practices several techniques over and over again, for example, archery and horsemanships. Every Mongol soldier owned at least 3 horses. This allowed them to cover several miles during war time. This made the soldiers very mobile. They always studied the different battle tactics and stayed away from those that contributed to a kingdom's pitfall.

    They were pioneers of many battle tactics and surprised attacks. They were also popular for the "kharash" technique. In this technique, they use their prisoners as shields in the battle. This prevented the Mongol warriors from being defeated.
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