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15 October, 21:19

How in handsome lake's account was america discovered

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  1. 15 October, 21:26
    Documented by Arthur C. Parker, a story entitled How Was America Discovered by Handsome Lake tells about a young minister who met the one he perceived to be the Lord. The Lord in the story asked the narrator to go to a new land and bring with him cards, money, a fiddle, whiskey and blood corruption. If the young minister will do these commands of the Lord, he will become rich. The minister then sought out Christopher Columbus and with the crew’s aid, travelled to the Americas. When they returned to report what they had seen, the people from the European lands decided to migrate to the Americas. After the immigration, bad things started to happen. The story was concluded by revealing that the Lord in the gold castle was actually the devil and that even he knew that what he had done was wrong.
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