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29 March, 14:56

Jake is at a party with a large group of men when his friend Dan makes a sexist joke about the physical appearance of a woman they all know. Instead of laughing, Jake tells Dan that he thinks the joke is inappropriate and that he'd prefer that Dan did not talk about women that way in front of him. What type of identity has Jake performed in this scenario?

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  1. 29 March, 16:27
    Jake assumed a feminist identity.


    Jake realizes that his friend's comments are sexist, sexist and wrong comments. He feels that these comments take away a woman's respect and consideration and he believes the comments are inappropriate and perjorative to the woman who has the right to leave her body the way she prefers. Jake took on a feminist personality where he defended women's rights and scolded inappropriate comments to her because he believes women should not be treated that way.
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