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12 October, 01:15

Teddy Harrington is a new payroll clerk with B&H Farms. As he prepares to use the wage-bracket tables to determine federal income tax withholdings, what information does he need for each employee?

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  1. 12 October, 03:13
    Pay frequency

    Taxable income


    The federal tax is the largest revenue collected by the Federal government of United States. This tax implies to those forms of earning from any source that makes up the taxable income of the tax payer.

    In order to calculate the tax with holdings, an individual need some important information from the employee such as the pay frequency that he receives as income, the taxable income, etc.

    Pay frequencies shows the time interval or the number of times an employee is paid for his work. While taxable income is the base amount onto which a tax is imposed of.

    Thus in the context, Teddy needs to know the pay frequency and taxable income to calculate the income tax withholdings.

    Hence the answer is - --

    Pay frequency

    Taxable income
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