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22 April, 09:49

Reynaldo has purchased a home with an assessed value of $195,000. The

property tax rate in his area is 1.9%. What is his monthly tax payment?

A. $308.75

B. $342.67

C. $326.76

D. $377.43

Answers (1)
  1. 22 April, 10:44
    The correct answer is answer A).

    Taking into consideration the 1.9% tax rate in his area, the monthly tax payment Reynaldo has to is $308.75.

    To determine your home tax you must find the tax rate of where you live and multiply it by the value of your property.

    Take into consideration that there could be another amount of money you need to pay besides your taxes. It is recommended that you consult a taxes assessor in your community.
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