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11 December, 06:28

You can't have our money. No puedes tener nuestros dinero. No puedes tener nuestra dinero. No puedes tener nuestras dinero. No puedes tener nuestro dinero.

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  1. 11 December, 06:54
    Right answer: No puedes tener nuestro dinero.

    In this sentence the spanish word dinero (money), is a masculine noun. Therefore, the personal pronoun that preceeds dinero must be also written in masculine as nosotros (we).

    In addition, note the subject Tú (you) is not explicitly written in the sentence and is acceptable in spanish grammar; it is called Tacit Subject, Implicit Subject or Null Subject.

    This is because the subject is encoded in the verb conjugation, which in this case is the verb poder (can) in negative as [Tú] no puedes (you can't).
  2. 11 December, 08:25
    the answer is no puedes tener nuestro dinero
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