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13 October, 06:00

How would you accept a invitation to a fiesta you wanted to go to?

A. No puedo

B. Lo Siento

C. Genial

D. Estoy Cansada

Answers (2)
  1. 13 October, 07:01
    Of the answers given, "no puedo" means "I'm not able", "lo siento" means "I'm sorry", and "estoy cansada" means "I'm tired". None of these would be appropriate for accepting an invitation to a fiesta (party). However, the response "Genial!", roughly translating to an excited exclamation of "Brilliant!", would definitely be a positive, enthusiastic acceptance of the invitation.
  2. 13 October, 07:32
    I mean in all reality i would probably say quiero ir pero no puedo so I suggest go with choice a
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