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24 December, 09:39

Discuss the role of women in "punishment." Give examples

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  1. 24 December, 10:44
    when women get punisments they are not hard as guys girls will got get hit, girls will not get a job becuse of someting bad they have done

    what will happen is they will get in truble but it depeneds on what has happed and what the women has done to be in truble
  2. 24 December, 11:13
    Women have a great influence on society. They are the infrastructure of the progress of society, because it nurtures generations. Women have a lot to do around them. God has created a compassionate way to remove the worries and suffer the hardships of life because of their ability to endure pain.

    Women have excelled in many fields, and men have also competed. They proved that women can not be described as weak and lack of intelligence. They have reached the presidency. There are engineers who have mastered their fields. Maryam Jamaan is the first woman to get a chemical engineering fellowship among 97 women worldwide and the first on the east. Middle. Aisha Al Hamli is the first woman to drive a plane in the UAE and is the first female member of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the youngest of them. [1]

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