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16 December, 11:49

What is a theme of the novel or short story that you read? Write a theme sentence to describe a lesson that readers can learn from the story. Book is the lions of little rock

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  1. 16 December, 13:24
    The importance of looking at a person's character, instead of judging them based on appearance.


    This is the main theme that is expressed in this book. In "The Lions of Little Rock," we learn about Marlee and Liz. They become friends in a school in Little Rock that was recently integrated. However, after a while, Liz is forced to leave school, as people discover that she is a light-skinned black girl who was passing for white. However, as the two girls want to continue their friendship, they have to face the discrimination and racism that exists in their town. The book develops the idea of not judging a book by its cover, and instead appreciating people because of who they are on the inside.
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