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About Us

Sometimes homework is too hard. Teachers didn’t have time to explain all the details, parents forgot the rules, the only possible way is to ask the Internet.

CPEP is a platform helping students to make homework productively. The Internet is full of information, but only your classmates and peers know what is relevant.

CPEP allows you to ask any question from the school program and to get the answer. All questions and the right answers are stored in the subject sections. That’s why you can easily check whether your question has been already answered.

3 reasons to use CPEP:
  1. You can get the answer quickly on any subject from Maths to French.
  2. We delete wrong answers in a moment, so you’ll get excellent marks.
  3. Doing hard homework is an interesting process now, as you get more than the answers – you get community.

Ask. Answer. Get education easy.