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Explain the effects of the development of state power from 1450 to 1750

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  1. 14 June, 21:58
    English people pushed natives off their lands to grow tobacco

    Resistance to Spain's attempt at domination = revolts from the natives (like Pope's rebellion in 1680)


    The people of England formed more colonies in America and sought more expansion of their influence abroad. They looked for economic stability by growing Tobacco in the Chesapeake area, and as the cultivation of this cash crop increased, they ended up encroaching the land areas owned by Indians. When the Indians resorted to revolution as a way of resisting further encroachment, the English people prioritized killing Indians or rightly pushing them away from the their lands.

    The Pueblo people, known as the Native Americans who lived in the areas known as the New Mexico today stood up against religious persecutions and violence brought upon them by the Spanish people. The uprising, triggered by these Native Americans was conceived as a way to get back their religious practices, the culture they cherished and the lands they had, which were all removed from them by people of Spain.
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