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17 February, 05:13

Describe the battle between Percy and Ares

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  1. 17 February, 07:08
    Ares gave Percy a backpack that held the Master Lightning Bolt. Percy did not know because the Bolt appears when they get close to Hades. since Percy left the underworld with the Bolt Ares got mad because he wanted Hades to kill Percy for accusing him of stealing the Bolt then Poseidon would declare war on Hades for killing his son Percy then Zeus would declare war on Hades for having the Master Bolt then Hades would declare war on both Poseidon and Zeus because he would think one of them has his Helm of Darkness. Ares wants a war because the best war is family war. then unexpectedly Kronos who was possessing Ares talked out of Ares mouth then Ares tried to kill Percy with a boar but Percy killed it with Riptide. Percy said that they will fight but if Ares wins he gets the Bolt and go, if Percy wins he gets the Bolt. Percy won by stabbing Ares in the heel.
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