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22 April, 20:16

If there are you recognize trans as being legitimate, does that imply there is a male and female brain?

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  1. 22 April, 20:22
    There are over 67 genders. So dont disimigrate people for having two genders.
  2. 22 April, 21:11
    There are two types of trans, transgender and transsexual.

    If it is transgender, no, it is not a male and a female brain. Often times transgender people may have a legitimate mental condition whereas they are born in the wrong sex. But often times there is no legitimate condition and the person is just transgender because their being edgy.

    I am sure there are differences as to how the brain thinks between males and females generally, but the brain still works all the same. So do lungs, the heart, eyes, etc. So for a transsexual person, which is some one who used to be one sex and is now the other, those organs now belong to whatever sex that person is. How transsexual works is that all humans are born female, this why both male and females have nipples, and the both have a (X,_) chromosome. It is later that a penis develops. And in some cases this condition can happen after birth.

    Trans is legitimate if there is a legitimate condition, but that doesn't mean all cases of being trans is legitimate.

    I hope you found this a legitimate answer to your question.; 3
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