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3 April, 21:13

In an orchestra, which stringed instrument plays the highest notes?

A. Viola

B. Violin

C. Double bass

D. Cello

Which of the following is an example of word painting?

A. Singing about a mountaintop in a high pitch

B. Playing instrumental sounds that resemble speech

C. Singing about a deep valley in a high pitch

D. Transcribing a polyphonic song to an a cappella piece

Answers (1)
  1. 3 April, 22:58
    The first answer would be (B) the violin. The violin is the smallest and highest pitched instrument in the violin family which is in regular use. It serves as the basis for instrumental use in classical Western music.

    The second answer would be, (B) Playing instrumental sounds that resemble speech. Word painting is a way in which the music mimics the meaning of a word, or emotion, for example a shocked expression could have a sharp ascending scale or abrupt ending.
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