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9 June, 04:44

Starting with Precambrian time, briefly describe how life on earth has changed over Earth's long history.

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  1. 9 June, 05:55
    Early pre-cambrian period the atmosphere consisted only of nitrogen and carbon dioxide without oxygen.

    A Prokaryotic cell does not contain a nucleus. It only contains one chromosome and is a single-celled organism. It was the only form of life on earth for millions of years. Examples of a Prokaryotic cell are the different types of bacteria present today.

    Autotrophs obtain energy by the process of photosynthesis. Any living organism need energy to survive and autotrophs are no different. Two types of autotrophs are present and they are Photoautotrophs and Chemoautotrophs. The Photoautotrophs rely on the energy produced during the process of photosynthesis and the Chemoautotrophs get their energy from most of the inorganic substances. Phtoautotrophs actually get their energy from the sunlight and then convert it into reusable form. In case of Chemoautotrophs ammonia is an important source of energy for them.
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