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11 October, 15:30

Cholera is a bacterial infection of the small intestine. Vaccination provides protection against cholera. The cholera vaccine is made up of weakend form of the bacteria that causes cholera. The vaccine will stimulate blank production and elicit an immune response. If the infection occurs again, the bodynwill produce an even greater attack on thre bacteria because of blank.

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  1. 11 October, 15:54
    1: Antibodies

    2. Memory cells


    Cholera vaccine contains weakened pathogen of cholera that serves as antigen and initiates the immune response. Identification of cholera antigen is followed by the formation of antibodies specific for the antigen.

    Production of antibodies occurs through clonal propagation of B cells. Multiplication of B cells produce antibodies and memory cells. Antibodies kill the antigens while memory cells are long-lived and serve to elicit quicker and stronger immune response upon encounter with same antigen ever again.
  2. 11 October, 16:52
    White Blood Cells could be a possible answer. Not sure if this is multiple choice or not.
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