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5 November, 00:58

A friend was recently diagnosed with strep throat. One week after his treatment, he redeveloped the infection. In conversation, your friend tells you, "I must have become immune to the drug the doctor gave me!"

a. Discuss the validity of your friend's statement, providing evidence in support of or refuting his claim.

b. After further conversation, your friend tells you that he stopped taking his initial antibiotics after 2 days because he "felt 100% better." Explain how this action might have played a role in the redevelopment of his infection.

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  1. 5 November, 01:21
    Antibiotic resistance had become very common now a days. People develop antibiotic resistance if they do not take antibiotics according to the prescription by the physician.


    a. Actually the statement given by the friend is absolutely correct. The person has developed a resistance against the antibiotic he had taken to treat the strep throat. The infection has redeveloped and when he had the same antibiotic for strep throat it will become ineffective.

    b. This happens because he had stopped taken the complete course of the antibiotic as prescribed by the doctor. If the bacteria changes its shape or removes the effectiveness of the particular antibiotic, resistance develops. The infection has redeveloped may be due to any change in the bacteria or ineffectiveness of the particular drug.
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