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17 December, 09:46

Why would mentioning a sensitive issue, such as divorce or infidelity, in a survey question influence how respondents answer later questions?

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  1. 17 December, 11:13
    Sensitive questions will make the respondents cautious when answering the next question since they will still be thinking about it


    The main aim of a survey is to collect or gather data that will increase knowledge in fields such as social research and Demography.

    Thoughts, opinions and feelings are assessed.

    To get credible data, the respondents have to be truthful and unbiased in answering the questions.

    Therefore, asking sensitive questions will lead to the respondents being biased and less truthful on answering later questions.
  2. 17 December, 11:43
    Answer is such question may affect the response of the respondent when answering later questions.


    A survey research is the processing of engaging certain group of individuals by asking them questions on a particular matter, in order to know their opinions on such matter.

    This can be done through phone, in person, paper or online.

    In this case, interviewer should avoid asking sensitive questions, and by any means, if it is needed to be asked, it should be asked in a way that the respondent won't be offended. So that, his / her response to later questions won't be affected. Because there is a tendency that, the respondents will continue to be thinking about the question.
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