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31 January, 08:18

Which of the following cyclin molecules is essential to activate pre-replication complexes (pre-RCs) ?

a. Cyclin A

b. Cyclin B

c. Cyclin C

d. Cyclin D

e. Cyclin E

Answers (2)
  1. 31 January, 09:03
    Answer: Yes definitely Cyclin A

    Explanation: The concentrations of cyclin A peak during the G2 stage, suggesting that the start of this stage is triggered by high concentrations of the Cdkcs it forms. Similarly, cyclin A vanishes around the end of the G2 stage. These two facts together indicate that the G2 cycle is controlled by Cdkcs formed with cyclin A.

    Similarly, cyclin E controls the transition from G1 to S.

    These examples show how complex interactions among the different kinds of molecules in the cell cause distinct cycles of activities.
  2. 31 January, 10:03
    a. Cyclin A


    Cyclin A -

    Cyclin A is one of the species of the family cyclin, which is a collection of proteins whose function is regulating the progression of the cell cycle.

    The stages via which a cell pass are culminate in its division and replication are collectively are called the cell cycle.

    As we know, the successful replication and division of a cell is important for the survival of the cell, the cell cycle is regulated by many components for the error - free and efficient progression of the cell cycle.
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